Colloquium Schedule

  • Start Date 03/03/2022
  • Start Time 09:00
  • End Date 03/05/2022
  • End Time 17:00
  • Location USA

What? The Colloquium invites scientist candidate to report out their research findings in a supportive, academic environment.

When and Where? The Colloquium is held 04 times a year via online models.

Why? Scientist cadidates find a passion for learning when they find relevance and agency in that journey. By sharing their ideas with peers and professors, they see themselves as academic person, they experience that they can contribute to these scientific conversations, and they feel the support of their faculty members.


  • Create a Common Intellectual Experience
  • Gain diverse intellectual perspectives
  • Conduct research
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Public sharing
  • Build connection with other parts of the college
  • Maturity and confidence building


  • First:  The University promotes the event and gives students the opportunity to publish, present, or attend.
  • Second:  Students choose topics, and begin to create their abstract.  Instructor mentors and guides students along the process.
  • Third:  Student submit abstract to and begin to work on presentation.
  • Four:  Students present at the Colloquium.
  • Fifth:  Reflections are due to instructor.

How to Participate:

  1. University:
  • Post a Colloquium announcement and promote it as an opportunity to gain experience with academic extracurricular activities, as well as something they can use on their university and scholarship applications to show achievement above and beyond what other students may have.
  • Develop or modify an assignment to encourage students to participate.  Assign as extra credit or for credit. They can present on something that they are researching in YOUR class. (This does not have to be a separate project or assignment.)
  • Develop or modify an assignment to encourage students to attend a colloquium.  Give students a reflection assignment.
  1. Student
  • Students submit an abstract to by announcement date.
    • You can present on something that you are researching in YOUR class. (This does not have to be a separate project or assignment.)
    • There will be a practice session the week of the Colloquium for students.
  • Gives a 15 minute presentation
  • Reflect on one or more presentations.
Topics Speakers Time Venue
Submit an abstract - 6 weeks
Submit your presetation - 4 weeks
Topics Speakers Time Venue
Guest Speaker Present Colloquium Day Online
Present your ideas Colloquium Day Online
Reflection on other research Colloquium Day Online
Receive the feedback Colloquium Day Online
Topics Speakers Time Venue
Follow up research As follow up schedule
Publish your paper As publish schedule